Episode 7: Modeling the Refugee Crisis

The MRP team reconvenes in 2017 in Lesvos, Greece, an island deeply impacted by the immigration crisis. The scholars who travel to Lesvos met with NGOs, refugees, local inhabitants, and other stakeholders to better understand the entry of immigrants into a new society.

They meet at the University of Agder Metochi Study Center and began working on several computer models to understand the different phases of migration; how children acquire stereotypes; and the overall integration of refugees into a host society. The scholars’ goal is for their models to influence the decisions policymakers make in regards to refugees.

The scholars travel back to Kristiansand, Norway three months later to continue working on models for radicalization, refugee integration, and immigration.


The scholars present a colloquium at the University of Agder Norway campus to explain what modeling can do for religion and policy and to show how researchers from very different disciplines are working together. LeRon also presented his research on simulation and modeling to his university students. The scholars continue to expand upon their work in modeling.