Production Team

Director, Camera, Editor

Dr. Jenn Lindsay is an award-winning social scientist, documentary filmmaker, and musician whose work explores social diversity, intercultural relations, and social change. She is a professor of Sociology and Communications at John Cabot University in Rome and the Co-Founding Producer of So Fare Films. She earned her Ph.D. from Boston University in the social science of religion, a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Interfaith Relations from Union Theological Seminary in New York City, an advanced diploma in Sociology from La Sapienza University in Rome, a BA in Playwriting from Stanford University, and studied Theatre Management at Yale University School of Drama.

Since 2005 Dr. Lindsay has worked in the film and music industries, taking on post-production gigs at MTV, the Sundance Channel, Swete Films, Atmosphere Productions, and Plus Media. Through her production company So Fare Films she has produced and screened her films throughout the world, the topics ranging from how the COVID-19 lockdown affected religious Italians (Quarantined Faith), an African Buddhist monk’s life and teachings (Minding Shadows), interfaith dialogues between Hindus and Jews (ShalOM), the Indonesian Muslim headscarf (Jilbab), interreligious dialogue in Rome (Pluralismo Vivo), atheist Jews from Boston (From Alef to Zayin), and Italian hippies building artistic nativity displays (The Presepe of Calcata). As an independent singer-songwriter she released ten studio albums of original music through her record label No Evil Star Records. See her Wikipedia page for more information.

Lucrezia Carbonari

Assistant Editor and Promotions Specialist

Lucrezia was born and raised in Rome and finished her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Business Administration from John Cabot University in Fall 2020. She chose to study Communications because it is a broad field that incorporates diverse interests and connections throughout the world. Lucrezia has always had an affinity with computers and graphics, and longtime experience using the Adobe Creative Suite for content creation. She is also interested in the use of social media for content distribution and promotion.

Em Cegielski

Research Assistant

Em is a Communications Major with an emphasis in Digital Media Art at John Cabot University, in Rome, Italy. She is an avid storyteller through different mediums such as writing and photography, but her passion is filmmaking. Cegielski is a seasoned photographer, a published writer, and a budding filmmaker, with a special focus in post-production and editing. She believes that by telling untold stories, real change can be brought to the world.

Aurora De Donno

Assistant Editor and Promotions Specialist

Aurora De Donno is from Italy and loves travelling and exploring the world. She graduated in Fall 2020 with a double major in Marketing and Communications at John Cabot University. Aside from her studies, she likes to keep herself busy with work and participating in various startup projects. She is a determined, committed and dedicated person who strives to always achieve the best. Her aspirations for the future are to apply her knowledge of Marketing and Communications to the Fashion Industry, possibly in London. 

Ilianna Delgado

Assistant Editor and Communications Specialist

Ilianna Delgado is currently a senior at The University of California Berkeley majoring in Media Studies. She serves as an Assistant Editor and Communications Specialist for So Fare Films and is a Proofreader for Class Mascot Productions. Ilianna is interested in furthering her passion for communications, advertising, marketing and public relations after graduating with her B.A. Ilianna is creative, enthusiastic about her work, and loves any opportunity to travel and learn about new cultures.

Arianna Manfredi

Assistant Editor

Arianna studies Communication and Marketing at John Cabot University in Rome. During her career she has developed a great passion and skills for digital media art. Her interest in photography has brought into the broader field of media arts where she has developed skills in video making and video editing. Her recent work features independent short documentaries and short videos, together with a series of travel photographs.

Andrea Monzani

Promotional Design Specialist

Andrea Monzani is a freelance graphic designer, filmmaker and photographer. He partners with marketing specialists to create tailored professional and compelling media such as logos, posters, trailers and motion graphics. Andrea has also directed several shorts, such as the motorbike documentary “Born to Ride” and several analytical video essays about film. He completed several motion graphics projects such as the intro to the adventure team “Stepsover.” He worked in a production team to produce promotions for Fox Italy. Andrea is also a professional photographer and collaborated with the marketing agency Jungle.

Danielle Roberts

Assistant Editor

Danielle Roberts is a young aspiring filmmaker currently attending John Cabot University as an undergraduate student majoring in communications and minoring in creative writing. With a fine attention to detail and a passion for capturing the poetic perspective, Danielle is an enthusiastic, adaptable team player with experience in a majority of tasks in pre-production, film production, and post-production, such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, directing, and video editing. With a drive for projecting her strong creative voice as early as her school days at Tampa Palms Elementary, where she participated in running the Daily Morning Show, a program for students by students. Danielle’s ambition for filmmaking only continues to grow and thrive as an assistant editor for The MRP series and the Simulating Religious Violence documentary.